Small Wins

April 16, 2013 •

When watching the video of Koroush Dini speaking at The OmniFocus Setup, one thing that came to mind was how GTD (and OmniFocus) lets you accomplish small wins, where you knock a load of tasks off your list early in the day. This frees you up to tackle what Koroush describes as creative tasks, tasks where you don’t know what you are making until you have made it.

I love taking lots of small steps to make progress on projects early in the day, and feel like it removes the obligation to “accomplish” anything when I’m working on a more creative task later in the day. Creative tasks that I come up against are normally writing papers and debugging code, both of which can make it hard to feel like you’ve achieved much. When I’m safe in the knowledge that I am getting stuff done, I feel better about working on these open-ended challenges.