Drafts and Semantic Notes

February 17, 2013 •

Tyler Reinhard’s system for dealing with notes is perfect. It’s well thought out, and well documented. Reading through the post inspired me to try and improve my notetaking, and more importantly, my note processing.

I think the key part of Tyler’s system here is making sure that any notes in your “inbox” are named with two leading spaces, for example:

"  check this out.md"

Having notes named like this makes it very easy to sort by name in nvALT and see all the notes you still need to process. The filename-based scheme works really well with Drafts, especially since they added variable support to file names in a recent update.

To send items from Drafts to my notes inbox, I created the following action:

Drafts to Notes Inbox Action

Using the “Predefined” file option, in combination with the [[title]] variable means that the note will be named correctly, and then saved to my ~/Dropbox/notes folder. It will then show up in the right place, and hopefully get processed.