A Different Kind of Tech Presentation

July 14, 2012 •

Rob Conery’s presentation from the Norwegian Developers Conference is well worth a watch. Rather than flash up some slides and example code that doesn’t really tell you anything about the language, he decided to code. Just code. As he says on his blog:

I sat down and coded to some fun music for 50 solid minutes.

The video is well worth a watch as it really gets across the atmosphere of the room, and the music fits the presentation almost perfectly. Rob makes surprisingly few typos (I forget how to touch type if someone walks past me!), and the presentation flows smoothly through many aspects of Node. I feel like I learned more from casually watching this than I would have from spending a few hours typing out “Hello, world!” tutorials, and I really thing that is what Rob was trying to put across.

A fantastic model for tech presentations, if you can pull it off!