Unread Papers on Papers for iOS

February 5, 2012 •

When I first purchased Papers for Mac, I was enamoured with its feature set. I would probably describe it as ‘iTunes for papers’. One of the things I liked the most was how it would highlight any unread papers in your collection, making it easy to see what you needed to read. When I bought the iOS version from the App Store later the same day, I was disappointed to find that identifying my unread papers on the iPad was far less trivial, impossible in fact.

After a couple of days’ mulling things over, I hit upon a simple and easy to implement solution. Simply create a new Smart Collection, and then use the following settings:

Display Papers matching all of the following conditions:
Paper read NO

And there you have it, an Unread Papers collection on your iOS device. I still haven’t figured out how to mark things as read when I’m on the go, so if you know how to do that then please let me know.