February 2012

Logging OmniFocus to Markdown

February 26, 2012 •

I’ve been looking for a way to keep track of what I have got done everyday, when I stumbled on this script by Jered Benoit, via Brett Terpstra.

I don’t use DayOne, so I forked the script and tweaked it to output to a dated Markdown file in my ~/Dropbox/notes/ folder, which is where I point both NvALT and Simplenote. The script is available as a gist, so hopefully someone else might find this useful.

Aggresive Resize - Make tmux windows as big as possible

February 13, 2012 •

Via Practical Tmux:

Aggressive Resize

By default, all windows in a session are constrained to the size of the smallest client connected to that session, even if both clients are looking at different windows. It seems that in this particular case, Screen has the better default where a window is only constrained in size if a smaller client is actively looking at it. This behaviour can be fixed by setting tmux’s aggressive-resize option.

setw -g aggressive-resize on

Great if you are connected to a session on both a laptop and a desktop machine.

Unread Papers on Papers for iOS

February 5, 2012 •

When I first purchased Papers for Mac, I was enamoured with its feature set. I would probably describe it as ‘iTunes for papers’. One of the things I liked the most was how it would highlight any unread papers in your collection, making it easy to see what you needed to read. When I bought the iOS version from the App Store later the same day, I was disappointed to find that identifying my unread papers on the iPad was far less trivial, impossible in fact.

After a couple of days’ mulling things over, I hit upon a simple and easy to implement solution. Simply create a new Smart Collection, and then use the following settings:

Display Papers matching all of the following conditions:
Paper read NO

And there you have it, an Unread Papers collection on your iOS device. I still haven’t figured out how to mark things as read when I’m on the go, so if you know how to do that then please let me know.