October 2012

DHH tweet about Ruby vs. PHP ⇒

October 4, 2012 •

David Heinemeier Hansson tweeted a link to a great post on the 37signals blog about using Ruby on Rails for Basecamp. It’s interesting that most comments portray the relative infancy of Ruby on Rails, in a way that would seem completely foreign today:

What is MVC? (…I’m a curious newbie programmer sitting on the sidelines listening intently to this conversation…)

To which dhh replies:

MVC is a way to separate the three basic concerns of an application into isolated tiers, which can be constructed, tweaked, and tested apart from the others. MVC is short for Model, View, Control.

Which technologies are you beginning to understand today, that you couldn’t imagine people not understanding in a few years?

Prototyping with Markup

October 2, 2012 •

It feels like I’m always redesigning this site. Mostly, it’s because I am, and I think that anyone who has gone to the trouble of designing and coding up their own website will inevitably find themselves in the design/implement/redesign cycle.

Normally, the style of my site is based around what I can do, rather than what I have in mind. This normally happens because I work in HTML and CSS, rather than prototyping in something like Photoshop. This time around I decided to come up with a solid prototype before messing around with code, so did some googling to see what I could find. I came across a great post on 24 waysMake Your Mockup in Markup – which presents a great series of steps for developing your design without resorting to an image editor.